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Make Tofu at Home with Nigari

Making your own tofu fresh at home is easy, all you need is fresh soy-milk and Nigari. Check out our video below, to see a tutorial on how to make silken tofu.

Our Nigari is naturally made from pristine and Magneiusm rich deep seawater from 2,200 feet below the ocean surface on our salt Farm in Kona at the Hawaii Ocean Science & Technology Park. We make it as part of our salt harvesting process and only by solar evapration. Nigari contains mostly Magnesium Chloride and just a small amount of Sodium Chloride. The culinary name of Magnesium Chloride is Bittern or in Tofu Making usually called Nigari. It has a distinct bitter taste, the word Nigari comes from Japanese word “Nigai” or bitterness.

Most Nigari in Japan is produced by seawater being boiled in kettles. In Hawaii, we harvest our Nigari naturally by letting the seawater evaporate under Hawaii’s sun. The right balance of minerals in Nigari is very important and to make tofu, be sure to use fresh soymilk. Shelf stable soymilk usually contains preservatives and has been ultra-high heat treated impacting its ability to coagulate. 

Nigari Uses

Fresh Silken Tofu Made with Nigari

Make Tofu & Ricotta Cheese

Nigari, also referred to as bittern, is known for being the culinary coagulant for traditional tofu making in Japan. Add a small amount of liquid Nigari to your fresh soy milk for instant silken tofu. You can also add Nigari to cow's milk or goat's milk for fresh homemade ricotta cheese.

Nigari Mineral Drops

Mineral Drops

Drinking filtered water removes the naturally occurring minerals from our daily diets. Add 1 drop per 1oz. of drinking water. 24 drops per large 24 oz. water flask, 8 drops for a cup of water. Nigari water helps the body burn body fat, eliminate waste material and water and remove excess salt.

Soaking Mineral Bath Benefits

Mineral Baths

Soaking in mineral rich water has been found to have many therapeutic benefits. Add ¼ cup to ½ cup of Nigari into a standard size bathtub for a mineral bath. Magnesium gets absorbed through the skin helps to improve circulation, alleviate stress and pain and soften skin. 

Homemade Microwave Tofu

Microwave Silken Tofu Recipe


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