Liquid Nigari

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Make Tofu at Home with Nigari

Making your own tofu fresh at home is easy, all you need is fresh soy-milk and Nigari. Check out our video below, to see a tutorial on how to make silken tofu.

Our Nigari is made by drawing pure deep seawater from 2,200 feet below the ocean surface in Kona, Hawaii then letting it slowly evaporate in the Kona year-round sun. Once the seawater evaporates to about 10% of its original volume, salt crystals begin to form. Next, we harvest the salt and the remaining liquid contains a large amount of magnesium chloride which is Nigari. It has a distinct bitter taste, the word Nigari comes from Japanese word “Nigai” or bitterness.

Most Nigari in Japan is produced by seawater being boiled in kettles. In Hawaii, we harvest our Nigari naturally by letting the seawater evaporate under Hawaii’s sun. The right balance of minerals in Nigari is very important. Nigari contains mostly magnesium chloride and just a small amount of sodium chloride.

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