Hawaiian Salt Wedding Favors and Amenities


In Ancient Times in Hawaii Salt was used to trade for goods, preserve abundant catches and for ceremonial blessings of outgoing canoes. To this day, a gift of salt is considered a symbol of good luck and blessing.

We offer a range of lovely and culturally meaningful gift and amenities, tasteful table and wedding favors that can add a local touch and Aloha to your event and Hawaiian Salt Tastings that make a fun addition to any reception.

Hawaiian Salt Wedding Favor

Key Thoughts When Selecting Authentic Hawai’i Amenities

Is it culturally relevant and relevant to the celebration of marriage?
The cultural story of the use of salt in Hawaii to bless people, places and voyages is significant and very meaningful for a couple about to embark on the voyage of a lifetime as is the sharing of salt with visitors and friends

Is it local?
Your clients and customers will prefer an authentic gift from Hawai‘i. We’re a local company that designs and creates locally sourced and uniquely flavored Gourmet Sea Salts.

Is it of high quality?
Yes, it is a high-quality product with excellent packaging. It makes for a popular and memorable gift. Our Sea Salts are full of naturally occurring minerals and flavored with natural ingredients. They have a long shelf life and will remind the recipient of your gift much longer than a cookie.

Does it give back and have a community focus?
• Our Sea Salts are packaged with aloha at Lanakila, a work and vocational training center for people with challenged lives.
• We give 1% to Papahānaumokuākea Marine Sanctuary for debris clean up.
• We have a partnership with the Polynesian Voyaging Society whereby $1 from every ‘Hōkūle‘a-labeled salt goes directly to helping fund their worldwide voyage.

Is the packaging responsible?
It’s recyclable and reusable. The majority of the packaging is made in the USA and we’re moving toward 100%.

Does it travel easily, is it TSA friendly?
It’s a small, easily packed and security-friendly.

Pure Hawaiian Sea Salt Bottles Wedding Favors