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Hawaiian Salt at your Event


Hawaiian Salt Tasting Event

Hawaiian Salt Tasting with Chef

Why not add a Hawaiian Salt Tasting Event to your Program. Pair a selection of Hawaiian Sea Salts with simple foods and let your guest enjoy the amazing flavors of these islands.

Hawaiian Salt Tasting Station


Hawaiian Sea Salt Usage Suggestions

 These are just a few suggestions to use Hawaiian Sea Salts to enhance your menu:

 Hawaiian Sea Salt Tasting with Vegetable Crudite

Our Salt Flavors:

Kona Pure White, Alae’a Rich Hawaiian Red, Uahi Black, Bamboo Green, Maui Onion, Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Spicy Seaweed, Molokai Kiawe Smoked, Nalo Farm Fresh Herb Salt, Lemon & Rosemary Salt, Roasted Garlic,


  • Hawaiian Rimming Salts for your signature cocktail
  • Bloody Mary Bar with assorted Hawaiian Sea Salts such as Maui Onion, Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Kiawe Smoked
  • Lemon & Rosemary Salt with grilled local bread and olive oil
  • Uahi Black Salt or Molokai Kiawe Smoked Salt with your bread and butter service
  • Alaea Red Salt Service with your meat carving station
  • Roasted Garlic Hawaiian Salt with your Caesar salad service
  • Fresh Nalo Farm Herb Salt with your cheese board
  • Spicy Seaweed Salt with your fresh fish Poke Bar
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bites with Hawaiian Chili Salt
  • Spice up your crudity display with a salt selection to dip in
  • Spicy Seaweed Salt with your rice dish
  • Roasted Garlic Hawaiian Salt with your sautéed or steamed asparagus
  • Bamboo Steamed Rice
  • Uahi Black Salt with your North Shore Hawaiian Shrimp Truck
  • Assorted Hawaiian salts with your popcorn station
  • On your breakfast buffet Hawaiian Chili Pepper Salt with your egg dish
  • Avocado Toast with Fresh Herb Salt