Hawaiian Salt Wedding Favors

10 reasons Hawaiian Salt Makes Such a Great Wedding Favor

If you are planning your wedding and are looking for a meaningful gift for your loved ones, our Hawaiian Sea Salt favors are for you. Check out these 10 reasons why Hawaiian salt makes such a great wedding favor:

1. A Symbol of Good Luck and Blessing
In ancient Hawaii times, salt was used to trade for goods, preserve abundant catches and for ceremonial blessings of outgoing canoes. To this day, a gift of salt is considered a symbol of good luck and blessing. You are about to embark on an epic voyage. Bless your voyage, and bless your loved ones.

2. Travels easily
Salt travels so easily. You don't have to worry about spills or leaking and it can be carried on into the plane cabin.

3. Hand-harvested by our Salt Maker
From ocean water to salt crystals, a batch of our sea salt takes 8-10 weeks from start to finish depending on the weather and sun. During this time, our Salt Maker meticulously watches (and tastes) the salt until it gets to its optimal taste and texture. When finished, each batch of salt is harvested and packaged by hand.

4. Customization
We offer a wide variety of sea salts that will add a touch of aloha to your special day. We can also work with you to create labels to match your theme with custom messaging.

5. Long Shelf Life
Salt has a naturally long shelf life. Your loved ones will be able to enjoy a lasting memory of your special day every time they spice up their favorite dish.

6. Quality Packaging
Our salt favors are available in a variety of package options and sizes. Our most popular are our 2oz glass bottles with a natural cork.

7. Purity
Kona Sea Salt is the only sea salt in the world made from pure, 900 year-old deep ocean water, rich in natural minerals and flavor. Our salt water is drawn from 2,200 feet below the ocean’s surface off Hawai‘i Island, making it one of the highest quality finishing salts in the world.

8. Add a Touch of Hawaii to your Celebration and to Your Guests Home
Our sea salt is both made and packaged in Hawaii. This special gift to your guests will allow them to enjoy a piece of Hawaii from their homes.

9. Give Back to the Ocean
As our ongoing giveback program, we are proud to give 1% of all proceeds to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine Debris Project. This project was created to protect the sensitive wildlife and critical habitats of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument which is the single largest conservation area under the U.S. flag and one of the largest marine conservation areas in the world. It was inscribed as a mixed (natural and cultural) World Heritage Site and covers an area of 582,578 square miles.

10. Lastly, who doesn’t like salt..?
It's tasty, comes in a variety of flavors and makes everything more delicious.

If you are looking for a meaningful, useful, and handmade favor for your guests, click here to learn more.