From Salt Farm to Table


Salt Harvest

Our Pure Kona Hawaii Sea Salt is produced from ancient, pristine deep sea waters, 2200 feet below the surface off the Kona Coast, unaffected by human influences and surface pollution. Even the surface waters in the area are rated Class AA by the Hawaii State Department of Health.

Waters are being delivered through a 5-micron in-line filter before entering fully enclosed ponds before being allowed to evaporate in three unhurried weeks using only the warming heat of the Hawaiian Sun. It is pure white without any whitening agents as a result of the natural solar evaporation process achieved in our protected salt houses.

Naturally harvested Hawaiian Salt

Our Kona Sea Salt has a perfect balance of taste and high level of essential minerals and is 33% lower in sodium than ordinary table salt. Is prized around the world for its purity, beauty and delicate flavor.

Kona Hawaiian Salt