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'Ohe Green Bamboo Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend - 4.5 ounce bottle
Ohe Green Bamboo Hawaiian Sea Salt, Jade Green Sea Salt, Hawaiin Sea Salt, Natural Sea Salt, Gourmet Sea Salt, Chef Salt

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‘Ohe Green Hawaiian Sea Salt

‘Ohe, our Hawaiian Jade Green Sea Salt Blend combines Hawaiian and Chinese culinary and health traditions. It is made from mineral-rich solar-evaporated Molokai sea salt and infused with certified organic bamboo leaf extract. Bamboo extract is rich in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins and has been prized in Asia for its health benefits for thousands of years.

‘Ohe Sea Salt Uses

Our flavorful ‘Ohe Salt is a fresh new flavor for chefs to experiment with, it has a delightful nose and adds a wonderful touch to Asian cuisine, fresh foods and salads as well as seafood. Try it on the rim of your Margarita


Natural Sea Salt, Bamboo Leaf Extract With Naturally Occurring Amino Acids And Nutrients